How to speed up fat burning? Testosterone Enanthate using

Rule number 1: Always keep up with the pace of exercise.

Changing the recovery phase velocity and periods of rest will give the body a new impetus for adaptation, Testosterone Enanthate. The average visitors to the gym will never pay attention to the pace of the exercise, allowing gravity to do the work for them. They allow the weight to fall the most, and then a pulse raising it. And it’s not right.

Instead, it is necessary to control the rhythm with which you raise and lower the weight, because it is more stimulating the body to adapt to stress. For beginners, approaches should be paced – phase lowering operating weight lasts four seconds, and the lifting phase – one. For example, squats, to make maximum use of the muscle fibers, you descend under control for four seconds, then quickly climb in one. Buy Testosterone Enanthate.

This rate is referred to as 4010, where 4 – is eccentric phase or downward movement, the first 0 – pause at the bottom point of the motion (in this case, a pause is absent), 1 – concentric phase or the upward movement and the second 0 – pause at the top of the movement ( in this case there is no pause).

This rate provides a stimulus, different from the usual 1010 (where the first second – move down, and the second – the upward movement), Testosterone Enanthate order, which is used in gyms around the world. For example, a squat one approach ten repetitions with a weight of 60 kg at a pace 4010 takes 50 seconds, i.e. each repetition lasts for five seconds, while at the rate of 1010 with the same title and the number of repetitions from you leave only 20 seconds on the approach that is, each repetition lasts two seconds. And 30 seconds – a significant difference. During this time, it activated far more muscle fibers, Testosterone Enanthate for sale.

The rate with a longer eccentric phase causes a stronger metabolic stress, and the rate of 4010 provides the best motor control, muscle growth, as well as a positive effect on the connective tissue health. Shorter rate, e.g., 1010, as a rule, involves heavy weight (more than 85 percent of your maximum) and is aimed at the development of strength and neurological efficiency due to more severe mechanical stresses. Buy Testosterone Enanthate online.

Rule number 2: Speed of exercise determines the degree of adaptation to stress.

Without speed control, you can not achieve adaptation, therefore, you will not progress. For example, in a three-week study, the researchers compared the effect of the training program the bench press in the explosive pace with the same program, but where the subjects chose the pace of work arbitrarily. It was found that in the group, where they worked in an explosive style, power performance in the bench press increased by ten per cent, Testosterone Enanthate for sale, while in the same group, where the rate of self-chosen, the subjects did not achieve any progress.

The second study shows how the speed of the exercise affects the body composition. Researchers compared the rate of 1010 and 6060 in the exercise in the Leg Extension and found that the rate of 6060 provoked a significantly greater protein synthesis. Massonaborny effect increased three times a day after training, indicating muscle damage. The rate in 1010 was successfully directs the work of the nervous system in the development of strength Testosterone Enanthate for sale.